H.R.H Bishop Chris Kember World Chairman (UN&ICG) at United Nations &…

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H.R.H Bishop Chris Kember

World Chairman (UN&ICG) at United Nations & International Commercial Group


2014년 10월 – 현재 (6개월)YHWH'S Sovereign Estate (Israel - The Earth via the Beit Daveed - House of David

The Geneva Convention Appointed HRH Dr Bishop Chris Kember as the World Chairman 20th of October 2014 where ALL HUMANITY HONOUR, and not to DISHONOUR to oversee the United Nations and 21 Federations in close PARTNERSHIP with the World Chairman Kim Jung-Sun from the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organisation as we are focused upon FOUNDATIONS that date back before the EARTH was ever formed.

The original language of TRUE COMMON LAW given unto man "HOWA YAH" also known as the 1st Commandment from the Early Semitic Ancient Hebrew Perspective being the ORIGINAL TONGUE of our FOREFATHERS as Abraham wrote in the same tongue on the Altar "BEIT YHWH - House of YHWH - SHAMAYIM - Kingdom of Heaven. 

SPIRITUAL LAW was written into the HEART OF MAN to "HOWA YAH" meaning to LOVE YHWH - Breath of Life with all that we have, then that is expressed towards ALL HUMANITY as we are MAN ON THE LAND, MADE UP OF FLESH AND BLOOD, and we are not upon THE OCEAN under Federal Maritime Subjective Constructs, fro we must come back to NATURAL LAW and JUSTICE designed for HUMANITY. 

The Hebrew words "Mishpochah Kidushim of YHWH" meaning "FAMILY & FELLOWSHIP of our creator YHWH" refers back long before THE EARTH was ever formed and there was never any separation of REAL LOVE towards each other, then a SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE came along to TEMPT MAN into SIN causing MAN to suffer LIMITATION causing one to be in BONDAGE - ENSLAVED.

ALL THE VARIOUS positions before me came at a PRICE when laying down my life for others as did Moses that faced those ENSLAVED INTO EGYPT due to being DUMBED DOWN, for as was Moses protected by the RIGHT HAND & ARM of Almighty YHWH, for I also of the very same as to the unexplained & at the appointed time when the United Nations is held to Ransom by the fallen ones that date back pre flood, for they must Honour and not to DISHONOUR.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS & SHARINGarrow-10x10.png RESOURCES, the key in helping each other as YHWH intended.


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